Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story Bulk Quantity (21 copies or more)

The comic book about Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and the courageous nonviolent activists in Montgomery, Alabama was published in 1958 by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, shortly after the Montgomery Bus Boycott concluded.

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More About the Comic

FOR originally published it in English and a short while later in Spanish. FOR is thrilled that this work has now been translated into Arabic, Vietnamese, Farsi, and Italian, and used to further the ideas espoused by FOR and the Rev. Dr. King and other Freedom Struggle leaders of the moral righteousness and efficacy of nonviolent resistance to oppression.

In 2008, Dalia Ziada, the North Africa Director of the American Islamic Congress, translated Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story into Arabic and Farsi and published thousands of copies to distribute in Egypt and the Middle East as the pro-democracy Arab Spring was beginning there. Ziada wanted to share Rev. Dr. King’s message of nonviolence as an alternative to the violent methods that she felt had been unsuccessful in the region, and she personally handed out many copies to demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo to spread his message-that change is not impossible. FOR reprinted the Arabic and Farsi comic book versions in 2013 with some graphics help from Nonviolence International.

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